WALLET VN is a Payment Platform at the heart of a Private Virtual Network.

As a true form of digital cash, Wallet holders are able to transact without data being collected by banks or credit card companies.

Transfers are safe, secure and instant and as transactions are Wallet-to-Wallet (peer-to-peer) within the private network funds do not pass through multiple parties nor incur any costs.

The Wallet VN Payment platform utilises the versatile, proven and scalable technology of QR Codes to bridge the gap between online and offline interactions.

The virtual nature of the private network has no physical borders and as such, Wallet VN enables instant borderless transactions.

Wallet holders may buy, sell and exchange currencies anywhere, anytime.

Wallet VN is the passport to an entire world of opportunities and endless possibilities. 

Discover some of the integrated micro-services here.


Private Digital Equity Exchange

Sol-Dex is a Self Managed Private Equity Fund (SMPF).

A marketplace of investment opportunities created within a Private Equity Fund in which Investors have the control to switch between investments within an ever growing portfolio.

Want to invest $1000 in a $100 Million Project? Sol-Dex enables you to invest in bite-sized, exchangeable portions of each Project in our portfolio.


Professional Services at your fingertips

Network Q integrates all your professional services into one platform enabling you to order, manage and track your services in real-time.